Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde
Administrator/CEO DBI

Iam pleased to introduce the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI); Nigeria’s foremost Centre of Excellence in Information & Communications Technology Training and Education with campuses in Abuja, Lagos and Kano.

Our Training offerings are world-class as we strive to maintain the highest standards within the dynamic ICT industry. They are designed to be directly relevant to current business, technical, managerial and commercial operations with emphasis on “best practices” world-wide. Whether your desire is to be an entrepreneur or to be part of an organisational team, our courses provide sufficient academic and professional preparation.

The Institute’s ultra-modern facilities which include fully equipped training rooms, multi-media teaching aids, video conference facilities, WiFi Hotspot, a Telecom Laboratory and Digital Resource Library guarantee a cutting-edge learning experience.

Our community of students is diverse, from aspiring young graduates to practicing professionals in several sectors. Studying at our Institute will afford you the opportunity of learning about the business and social culture of the Nigerian people through the cross section of participants and students enrolled in our programmes.

Since 2004, the DBI has trained about 6000 professionals which cut across diverse sectors (both private and public).

Apart from training, the Institute aims to pilot initiatives such as indigenous software development, research with particular focus on cybercrime & security and electronic multimedia advancements using the instrument of ICT.

We invite you to empower yourself by enrolling at th DBI. We look forward to an opportunity of providing an excellent and rewarding experience.