This course will introduce you building dynamics websites using PHP and MySQL which are the popular tools that many developers use in building web applications. It is assumed the reader possess prior knowledge of HTML and CSS as these will be of immense benefit when you get to the section of designing your page layout, building forms and marking-up your document. Though prior knowledge of programming is not assumed but reader who have had the good fortune of coding before now will less work grappling with the some sections of the module.

The module takes you through a journey of building a content management system using PHP and MySQL. You will be exposed to how to carry out this task from start to finish using a step by step approach. Codes for the exercise are included at each end of chapter lesson. However, you are always encouraged to try it out yourself and only refer to it where there are errors in the code.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this module, participants will be expected to learn the following

  • Understand the difference Static and Dynamic Website
  • Install WAMP
  • Embed PHP in an HTML page
  • Declare variables and create functions with PHP
  • Create a Database Using MySQL
  • Create Users in a Database
  • Use PHP to Connect to MySQL Database
  • Create a Content Management System Using PHP and MySQL
  • Create Users for the Applications
  • Authenticate Users
  • Backup MySQL Database


Key Modules

  • Installing WAMP and Setting up the Development Environment
  • Working with PHP
  • Creating Database with MySQL
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating Users
  • Connecting PHP to MySQL
  • Creating a Content Management System
  • Backing up Database


Course Duration

Four Weeks